Wesley Matsell Interview

By the end of Februari 2014 Wesley Matsell delivers his second EP on James Holden’s ‘Border Community’ imprint.
'Early nineties referencing dance utopianism' is how said label describes his new EP, called 'Total Order Of Being'.
For the people who’ve heard Holden play the past year the songs on this disc will surely sound familiar.

On the 1st of March Wesley Matsell will be playing in club Hoop (The Hague).
We did a little interview with him.
Check it out.

1.Hi Wesley, how is life treating you lately?

Life has been treating me well, really nice to have a record out again actually, with more stuff in the pipeline too. It’s good.

2.if you where an alien (don’t get me wrong, but i think you are) and you would land in the middle of Africa with your inter galactic synthesizers and drumcomputers surrounded by lions and zebra’s. What is the first thing you would do?

I’d check my pockets to see if I had my mobile, if I did I’d try and call someone. I don’t know actually, it’s impossible to hypothesize that sort of situation. Sorry, that’s a rubbish answer.

2.If there was a new TV series about different planets, galaxies and their life forms travelling to each other etc. Would you rather have the makers of ‘the love boat’ creating this or should Jim Henson step out of his grave and craft some new puppets together for it?

It would be nice to have some felt covered Jim Henson planets definitely.

3. Wool or synthetic?

If you’re asking me what I prefer to wear, I’ll say wool. Wallet permitting.

4. Cars or Horses?

Cars. Horses smell pretty unpalatable to me. They’re nice, but I loved cars growing up, and have a soft-spot for late 80s and 90s cars. Especially Japanese cars like Honda Concertos, or weird old boxy Nissans. I love how the aesthetic, having left someone’s drawing board, slides ungracefully from something cutting-edge and modern, through to something awkward and stale. That’s the moment when I think they look best. Especially compared to modern day hyper-branded monstrosities like the Vauxhall Adam or something… 

5. Any wild future plans except from preparing your spaceship and visit some new planets?

Yea, I’ve got an exciting joint musical venture lined up, which we’re really looking forward to progressing this year. That’s all I can say about it at the moment sorry, but it’s going to be LUXURY when it comes around. I’m trying to get my live-set together too, I’m about 50% of the way there, but hopefully to get something set up this year, definitely before the year is out.

6. Do you remember your first meeting with rave music? If yes.. Can you discribe it?

I think it was probably listening to John Peel play Drumcode style techno back in the mid-90s. I saw stuff like The Prodigy or Orbital and stuff on Top Of The Pops and other TV shows, but I didn’t really see it as rave, it was just pop music at the time. I guess it depends on your definition of rave – when I first heard Autechre’s LP5, and tracks like 777, or AcroYear2 I thought that was the absolute epitome of ‘rave’ as I understood it, the ZENITH – that could sound so pretentious, but living where I did, I just didn’t have access to rave/club culture so had this weird internalised version of my own. The first time I really encountered and experienced (and not just read about) rave/club culture was when I started gigging. I come from an art school, sat-down-at-a-laptop style sound-performance background, and it was only when I started getting requests to play at clubs after Bernwerk came out that I knew how it felt to be in a packed room, in the dark, with blisteringly loud music. I guess that makes me sound like such a recluse, maybe I was, maybe I am. Another massive impact on my rave-chronology would be the March 98 issue of Muzik magazine here in the UK. It had a big 10 year anniversary feature on the birth of acid house, and a free CD with tracks like Voodoo Ray, Nude Photo, and the incredible Energy Flash on it. That stuff blew my mind, even as old as it was. It had this raw undiluted energy, and felt darkly authentic – that’s the only way I can describe it – that’s was sort of started my exploration of dance/techno/house/whatever music’s history. Also the books ‘Altered State’ by Matthew Collin and my favourite Simon Reynolds’ book ‘Energy Flash’ really impacted me. 

7. If you think of Holland, what pops in to your mind?

Literally, the first thing that pops into my mind is Legowelt. He’s one of my favourite producers, definitely. Then there’s M>O>S records, excellent label. I also think of the magnet on my fridge that says “HOLLAND” on it.

8. Live in a house without refrigerators or live in a house without vintage tape-recorders?

With fridge, without tape-recorders.

9.What or who inspired you in the early days to start making music?

In the early days…? I guess hearing, and obsessing over all the Warp stuff like Aphex, Boards of Canada, Autechre etc. really made me think to myself “I want to do that, I want to make music…” or something. Hearing music from, and reading stuff by people like Kim Cascone, Curtis Roads and Florian Hecker when I was studying, again motivated me, but in a different direction. Also, John Peel played a massive part in exposing me to all sorts of amazing and experimental music when I was growing up. Also, I would never have seriously pursued producing music if it wasn’t for my brothers nagging me to send my demos out and stuff when I was younger. Respect.

Well, thanks for your time Wesley, can’t wait to see you Saturday.

event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/719229584776279/?fref=ts

promo video: https://vimeo.com/87560348

New Sigward track
The 20 Best Vegetables of 2012




Brussels sprout










Chinese cabbage



























Euphoric state after Paradigm Festival! Much Love to everybody who joined our atmosphere!

It was absolutely amazing! Special Thnx to Paradigm, Len, Kenolie, Jorn Liefdeshuis, Mattheis, Duyster, Sid le Rock, Fairmont, Margot, Laurence gerretsen and our big boss Kenny Taffijn!

Watch te video for Margot closing our stage.

Amateur & Border Community, Nathan Fake album tour @ whoosah beachclub

Amateur & Border Community 2012On August 27th Nathan Fake drops his long-awaited album “Steam days” on James Holden’s “for the advanced raver” Border Community.
For the first time this guru of alien electronica lands on Dutchies finest beach “het zwarte pad in Scheveningen”.
All we can say is that we’re really happy to have him here 5 days after his album release.

Together with colleague “Fairmont” they will turn beachclub Whoosah into a synthetic paradise.
They will be supported by some of The Hague- and Amsterdam’s finest artists.



*Nathan Fake (live)
*Fairmont (live)
*Duyster (mini-act)
*Jorn Liefdeshuis
*Gisberto & Sigward


Whoosah, Scheveningen

12,00 Euro (more info soon)

Paradigm Festival 11-08-2012

We’ll be hosting an Amateur Stage at Paradigm Festival this august in Groningen. We invited some of our Border Community friends to join us on this special day!

> SID LE ROC (pan/tone)

See you there!

Interview with the Duster sisters!

Interview with the Duster sisters!


[AMA001] Duyster - Esoteric Yield is out!

Yesyes! Our first release is finally here! You can find it on all major downloadstores. Tonight celebration time!! 

Some early support:

[Nuno Dos Santos]
Cool! my favourites are Nis and Subtiel.

Nice tracks!

[Paul Hazendonk]
Really like this, especially 
'Subtiel' and 'Zaakje' will be played!

[Jorn Liefdeshuis]
Great package! Personal favourites are Atek, Subtiel and Nis. All tracks bring something different to the table and i’m sure i’ll play most of them. Looking forward to the things to come.

Really cool music, didn’t really know what to expect, 
but really quallity shit :) cool! Nis is my favourite!!

[Morris Cowan]
Really enjoying this. Especially Ranzig, Ttan, Zaakje. Will play out :)

Really nice EP!

[André Obin]
Amateur001 is blowing my mind! It sounds amazingly fresh.

[Mig Dfoe]
Good work mate!, ill suppot itt!,
Beutifull and adictive arpegios. Well done!

The Promo for the first release sounds great! I wasnt sure what to expect really, but I am thoroughly impressed- the tracks have a very nice balance of kraut techno and ambient textures (a nice haunting experience)

[Michael (10Dens)]
Woooww! Really great release.. Everything sounds really thick. Analog sound.. Favourite track: Atek.

Buy if you like: http://www.beatport.com/release/esoteric-yield/897478

Duyster - Esoteric Yield release!

We’re proud to announce that ‘Duyster - Esoteric Yield [AMA001]’ will be released on all major downloadstores in less then two weeks: april 16th.

To celebrate we’ll post some (new) previews to kill the time.


This is really worth watching and sharing!

Beautiful take on life as it should be.